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Mochi's Cables

Themed Cables

Themed Cables

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Fell in love with one of our hand-made, themed cables? Find them right here!

Each theme has had its paracord and techflex chosen, but, you are free to customize the connectors and layout as you please!

Themed cables are priced by default as Silver USB-C to USB-A, 4ft straight, with silver gx-16.   

Dont see any customization options? Reload the page or wait a bit longer for it to load!
Options have extra costs as listed above!

-Send us a dm on Instagram or Discord!

Shipping Estimate: Your custom cable will ship out within 1-2 weeks of placing an order! We usually ship it out in 1 week! 
NOTE: Keyboards such as the Drop Ctrl or HHKB will not work with these cables due to these boards requiring heavy power usage and the length of my cables(about 10 ft for the regular options). Drop ALT keyboards vary, most DO work with full RGB brightness but keep cable straight to 4ft max to be sure.

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