Premium Cables

We specialize in making the perfect cable for you setup. That includes working with you to create your perfect theme! Contact us on our Discord or Instagram to use our cable making expertise and get sample pictures of how your cable will turn out! Already have the perfect idea in mind? Build your own today!

Cable shown
Starry Night
Paracord: Starry Night
Techflex: Black
Aviator: Gold plated GX16



Have you ever seen a cable sparkle?

We have! Create your own sparkling cable today! These triple sleeved cables are sure to make your setup outshine the rest! Not sure how sparkles will make your cable look? Contact us on Instagram or Discord!

Cable shown
Sparkling Mizu
Paracord: Baby Blue & Cream
Techflex: Clear, Sparkles
Aviator: Polar Blue



Mochi is our 4 year old Cat Executive Officer, she became part of the cable family in May 2020, when her owners lost their summer internships due to Covid, and had the great idea to start making cables to keep her fed and spoiled!

With over 500 one-of-a-kind artisan cables constructed, we love each cable we create! We work to ensure that you receive a cable worth showing off! All cables we sell are hand made by us in Ankeny, Iowa through an individual process of sleeving, coiling, soldering, testing, and packaging!

We strive for clean, safe soldering and use heatshrink on the connectors to keep them insulated and reinforced. Coils are reverse-coiled and oven baked twice, to give more tightness, longevity, and springiness to the cables! We work in small batches to ensure no order is rushed out, and has our full care and attention!

Creating the highest quality cables includes using high quality materials. We use US-Made 550 paracord, US-Made Genuine Techflex, and US-Sourced USB 2.0 certified 28 AWG shielded cable.

We stand by our product, and believe in creating and selling only things worth their price, if you ever run into any problems with any of our products, reach out to us through email (, Instagram, or Discord and we are more than glad to help!